Community Science

Reporting monarch and milkweed sightings help up better understand their distribution and timing in Arizona. There are several projects listed below for reporting data. See more details in Monarch Joint Venture's comparison summaries to find the one that is right for you.

Report incidental monarch and milkweed sightings. Enter additional data using the Southwest Monarch Study Project  or the WMMM Project

Report incidental monarch and milkweed sightings. 

Report incidental monarch sightings and view the timing of the monarch migration.

Collect detailed data on vegetation and monarch occurrence in an Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program (IMMP) plot.

Catch and tag monarchs.

Collect regular data about monarch breeding and development. 

Collect regular data on at least one milkweed during a season.

Collect tissue samples from monarchs to test for parasites. 

Other Reoccurring Volunteer Opportunities: