AZ Monarch Collaborative Resources

Native Plant Sources and Guidance

Information and resources to find local native plants

Best Management Practices

A compilation of AZ-specific BMP resources

Videos About Monarchs in Arizona

Plans, Agreements and Tools

Other Important Resources

Lots of great resources for everyone from farmers to teachers.

Great information, resources, and publications.

Listing status and other resources

Information and resources for monarchs and other pollinators.

Trinational database of monarch butterflies and milkweed observations

Information for farmers (mostly directed towards central/eastern states) with helpful links

Toolbox including Best Management Practices (BMPs), conservation incentive programs, and pilot projects.

Monarch CCAA and other information for pollinator conservation

Resources for outreach in Arizona

Links to citizen science projects you can participate in.

AZ Monarch Collaborative presentations and webinars.

Information shared by the AZ Monarch Collaborative

Member List

A list of active members of the Arizona Monarch Collaborative